The characterization of Rachel Borwn reviels the theme that appearance is not always reality. In the beginging she is confused. She does not want Bert to go to court; She wants him to just say he was wrong. For example she says, "Bert, why don't you tell em' it was all a joke? Tell em' you didn't mean to break a law, and you won't do it again!" (7) Also, she goes with Brady to tell him about Bert, unsure of what to say. Rachel is dependent, as well. She is afraid of what her father would say or thing. She does not want him to know about her visit with Bert. "Mr. Meeker don't let my father know i came." Is an example (5). Rachel thinks if someone like Mathew Harrison Brady is coming, Bert must be wrong. She is close minded, as well. She thinks if is is the law, it must be right. At the end of the book, Rachel becomes more decisive. She is not afraid of her father anymore. After the fcase, she goes to Bert and tells him she wants to leave. Then, she even suggests leaving on the train. In addition, she starts to be independent. Her decision to move out is a good example of this. Also, she starts to think on her own. Rachel tells Drumond, "You see, i haven't really thought very much" (124). Furthermore, she starts to think more open minded. For starters, she read the book Bert gave her about evolution. She doesn't know whether the book is right, but she is more open to it. When Rafchel is talking about Darwin's book, she says, "Bad or good it doesn't make any difference" (124). This is why the characterization of Rachel Brown reveals the theme that appearance is not always reality.

Reflections on paragraph:
What did I learn from this writing assignment?
Doing this writing assignement I learned the steps you have to take in order to write a well developed paragraph.
What did I do well in this unit?
I think the thing i did well in was adding transitions.
What areas could I improve on?
An area i think i can improve on is combining some of my major supports. Also, i think i could have explained the quotes more.