Miss. Watson
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My name is Miss. Watson, I am 62 years old. I live with my sister, Widow Douglas, and her orphan, Huckleberry. I’m a very proper woman, don’ take no stupidity or improperness lightly. I’m a do it yourself woman who never needs no help with anything. I like readin the bible and goin to church, God is a very big part a my life. I enjoy playin the piano too.

Journal Enteries:
Miss. Watson
1. Huckleberry wun behavin again. Kept putting his feet up on the table, en wouldn’t quit slouchin. That boy’s hardly civilized, I don’t know why my sister puts up with him. He’s always tryin ta get outta things. She always was a softy.

2. Huckleberry’s Pap came lookin for em today. Now I’d rather the boy be with my sister then that man, no matter how uncivilized her is. I’ve never seen that man walk straight. He’s always drinkin an drunk. No wonder Huckleberry’s so uncivilized, he’s lucky he aint as bad as his pap.

3. Huckleberry’s pap took em today. I was almos relieved if weren’t for my sister being so morose bout it. Huckleberry should be with his pap, if that man weren’t drunk all the time. All day long my sister was fretin bout it. I decided ta send a man out to the island Huckleberry’s pap took em to. The judge says Huckleberry’s gotta stay unless he says he don’t wanta.

4. Today word come bout Huckleberry. That ungrateful boy din wann come back. It tore my sister up. I think taking care a Huckleberry gave her something ta do. Maybe things are goin better with his pap. I tried to tell sister that, it made her feel a little better.

5. Last night my slave Jim ran off. I woulda been more angry bout it, but we got some news bout Huckleberry. His pap came runnin inta town last night screamin Huck was dead, sayin he was murdered. My sister wan ta know who done it. At first we was thinking it was his pap, then we’s got ta thinking maybe it was that slave a mine, Jim. After all he did run off that same night.