John Steinbeck’s book, Of Mice and Men, is about two men named Lennie and George. George travels around with Lennie, his mentally retarded friend, who is always getting into trouble wherever they go. George and Lennie flee from there last occupation in a place called Weed, when Lennie gets in trouble touching a girls dress because it’s soft. George and Lennie get a job at a new place where it seems trouble will come with the boss’s son, Curley and his tart new wife. Lennie is obsessed with the dream George and him have of owning their own ranch. Some of the other people at the ranch want in on the dream, but before the dream can become a reality Lennie gets in trouble again. When Curley’s wife goes in the barn, where Lennie is, she lets him feel how soft her hair is. When he won’t let go she starts to panic and scream. Lennie freaks out, and without trying to he breaks her neck. George is forced to do what he thinks is best by ending Lennie’s life.

I liked that this book had a lot of foreshadowing in it. I didn’t particularly like that George shot Lennie at the end, but it was still a fitting ending.

What can we learn from reading this book?
Of Mice and Men, is the impotents of friendship and belonging.
Something that can be learned from reading the book, Of Mice and Men, is the impotents of friendship and belonging.

Why are dreams important to live successful and fulfilling lives?
Dreams are important to motivate us. Without motivation we most likely won’t accomplish anything we feel is successful and fulfilling.
How important is it for human beings to have a place where they belong?
It’s very important for humans to have a place where they feel they belong. Without some sort of belonging humans won’t be very happy.
What constitutes a genuine friendship?
A genuine friendship consists of several things. In a friendship there should be trust, understanding, honesty, loyalty, and more.
Does our current society encourage loneliness or isolation?
Today’s society does not encourage loneliness or isolation.